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Fontaine Fifth Wheel technicians guide to maintenance training

First identify the fifth wheel model with your
serial number/model number here.

Training Modules & Certification
Module 1: No-Slack® preventive maintenance
Module 2: No-Slack® rebuild
Module 3: No-Slack® Coupling and uncoupling

Module 4: Identify Your Fifth Wheel Products


Key Technician Documents
LT-071: Coupling and uncoupling procedures
LT-072: Lubrication/jaw and wedge adjustment
TB-008: Cold weather maintenance
TB-012: Wedge stop rod adjustment
TB-028: Inspection and installation procedures



No-Slack® 6000, 7000, 7000CC, NT fifth wheels
Coupling and uncoupling
Preventive maintenance
Rebuild procedures

No-Slack 5092 fifth wheels
Maintenance and rebuild